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Real Estate Agency in Arcachon

Arcachon - Pyla sur Mer

Cap Ferret - Bordeaux

"We bring your dreams to life"

Our Properties

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Port d'Arcachon - Aiguillon




We carry out a free estimate of your property: visit, measurement, analysis of the characteristics of the property, the specificities of the sector and the market, then delivery of a detailed value opinion.




On Sale Mandate


We support you in the sale of your property. Our methodology is based on relationships: we offer your property to contacts in our network, identified and verified.



On Research Mandate


We are looking for the property of your dreams: establishment of specifications taking into account your criteria, your desires, your constraints, pre visits and submission of goods selected for you.




We advise and support you until the final realization of your project. We support you if necessary until your installation on site by putting you in touch with the appropriate stakeholders and partners: banks, brokers, notaries, lawyers, architects, decorators, landscapers, gardeners, companies, craftsmen, etc.


We support you in your property purchase or sale project

The Arcachon Bay: a pleasure investment!

bassin immobilier cap ferret

au Cap Ferret


Arcachon and its historic villas in Winter Town,

The Moulleau and its Cannelés,

Pyla sur Mer and its highest dune in Europe overlooking the Passes and the Banc d'Arguin,

Les Abatilles and its Source,

Péreire and its dazzling sunsets,

La Teste de Buch and its Tchanquées Huts in front of Ile aux Oiseaux,

Gujan Mestras and its small Oyster Ports,

Le Teich and its Ornithological Reserve on the Leyre Delta,

Audenge and its Domain of Certes,

Biganos and the Isle of Malprat,

Andernos les Bains and the Quinconces site,

Cap Ferret, its peninsula and its lost point after 44 Hectares of nature and tranquility,

The Landes Forest, with its pine trees as far as the eye can see, its magnificent lakes and its endless ocean beaches which attract the best surfers on the planet…


The Arcachon Basin is all that: a pearl of the Atlantic Coast, prized for its quality of life and its climate, but also acclaimed for its proximity to Bordeaux, a city registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List and World Capital wine with its internationally renowned Châteaux.


All this within two hours by plane from the main European capitals, and just over two hours from Paris by LGV train ...


Come, you will not regret it!

Agence immobilière arcachon Agence immobilière pyla sur mer Agence immobilière cap ferret


agent immobilier bassin immobilier arcachon pyla


Agent Immobilier

Professionalism, Exclusivity and Confidentiality


Located in the Arcachon Basin since 2012, the Bassin Immobilier Agency brings together experienced local real estate staff, specializing in luxury and prestige real estate.


In the service of a demanding local, national and international clientele, our only common objective is to put our skills at your disposal to provide you with personalized advice and best meet your expectations.


Working mainly on its network, Bassin Immobilier generally operates confidentially on the various operations and missions entrusted to it.



Purchase / Sale of real estate, Real estate Arcachon, Abatilles, Moulleau, Real estate Pyla sur Mer, La Teste de Buch, Gujan Mestras, Le Teich, Real estate Cap Ferret, Andernos, Real estate Bordeaux, Paris, Côte Basque, Côte d'Azur, London .


Types of real estate: Houses, Villas, Apartments, Land, Private Hotels, Buildings, Properties, Wine Properties, Castles, New, Sale in Future State of Completion (VEFA) ...

Our Properties

Avis client achat maison arcachon

Eric S.

Très bon professionnel à l’ecoute de ses clients Vous propose des produits ciblés et vous accompagne dans vos recherches.

Avis client achat villa pyla sur mer premiere ligne

Serge R.

Intervention décisive dans le cadre d’une négociation compliquée avec des vendeurs au sein d’une indivision.

Je recommande totalement.

Avis client achat maison pyla sur mer

Hugues B.

Excellentes prestations de Bassin Immobilier : professionnel, réactif, serviable et ... très sympathique ! Je recommande chaudement Régis et son équipe.

Avis client achat appartement arcachon

Patrick B.

Prestation de qualité et très professionnelle. Personne sympathique, disponible et efficace. Je conseille fortement cette agence.

Avis client vente maison la teste de buch

Pierre C.

Prise de contact excellente, efficacité des visites et discrétion pour une vente rapide.

Je recommande totalement cette agence.






J'accepte les conditions d'utilisation et la politique de confidentialité

Thank you for what you sent !



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